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Horizon Grant Guidelines

1.  The Horizon Grant has been designed to give enrichment opportunities to high school students during the summer between the junior and senior year.

2. $4,000 will be available for funding Horizon Grant proposals.  The Foundation for Excellence will review all applications received by the due date.  

***In 2021, Foundation Trustees recognize that many programs will not be held in person because of ongoing pandemic safety-related concerns. Therefore, students this year can use Horizon Grant funds for virtual learning programs.

The Foundation will determine which grant applications will be funded.*Individual grants may not cover total program cost depending on available funds. Total funding for all awarded grants will not exceed $4,000.

3. Grants are to be used for expenses related to a summer enrichment experience.  This includes but is not limited to expenses such as:  registration, travel, food/lodging, learning materials and supplies.

4.   Applications detailing learning experiences scheduled for the summer of 2021 will be considered and reviewed. Enrichment experiences taking place at other times will not qualify for the Horizon Grant.

5.  Grant money will be available once verification of enrollment in the learning experience is provided to the Foundation. Funds received must be used for expenses related to an enriching learning experience which will take place during the summer of 2021.  If for any reason the recipient is unable to participate in the learning experience, the grant money will be returned to the Foundation for Excellence.

6.  Applicants are responsible for making all arrangements associated with the summer 2021 learning experience.  It is up to the student to find an enriching summer learning opportunity, to apply for admittance to the learning opportunity and to make all travel/ lodging arrangements associated with attending the learning event. The Foundation for Excellence will be unable to suggest a learning experience or to assist with making the necessary arrangements.

7.  The Foundation for Excellence will be allowed to use student names, photographs or original work for publicity efforts unless instructed in writing by the student’s parent or guardian not to do so.