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Catherine Fletcher

1974 graduate 

fletcherFletcher retired from the FBI in 2016 after 28 years developing and implementing agency training, assessment, leadership and improvement programs.

During her FBI tenure Fletcher provided executive oversight for the development of the Basic Field Training Course for new agents and intelligence analyst trainees, and the first integrated approach to training of agents and analysts in the FBI’s history.

Upon graduation, Fletcher held an administrative position with Railoc Company Inc. In 1977 she took her first government position as a Data Control Clerk for the Department of Energy, Chicago Operations Office in Argonne, Illinois.

Fletcher transferred to the Las Vegas Division of the Social Security Administration in 1981, serving six years as a Data Review Technician before transferring to the Federal Bureau of Investigation in 1987.

With the FBI Fletcher served as a financial analyst for four years, then developed a specialized accounting system in 1991. The system was distributed throughout the FBI, and received the U.S. Department of Justice’s Attorney General’s Award for Administrative Support in 1992. Fletcher changed the focus of her career to information technology and became a computer specialist.

In 1996, Fletcher was promoted to the Administrative Officer in the Las Vegas Division where she was responsible for all of the support operations for the division for 10 years.

In 2006, Mrs. Fletcher transferred to FBI Headquarters’ Human Resources Division as the Unit Chief of the Support Management Development Unit. During this assignment, she initiated professional staff management training and led a team to establish competency modeling and professional staff career development for professional staff in the FBI.