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The Bonnie McBeth Early Learning Grant

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Bonnie McBeth became District 202’s first kindergarten teacher in 1951.  After teaching kindergarten for many years, Mrs. McBeth worked as a reading specialist and then became one of the district’s first Reading Recovery teachers. During her 38 year career, she taught students, mentored colleagues and shared innovative ideas.  Volunteering and helping others through community service were hallmarks of her life in Plainfield.

Mrs. McBeth retired in 1994. In 2001, the district named its preschool/early childhood facility in her honor.  In 2007, she endowed a monetary gift for the purpose of helping early childhood educators obtain additional training and access to best practice learning experiences.

The Bonnie McBeth Early Learning Grant awards up to $2,500 to grant recipients to fund participation in programs, projects and learning experiences designed to enrich and extend professional growth for early childhood educators.

Mrs McBeth passed away in February of 2014 but her legacy lives on.  The   resources she so generously provided continue to impact and influence excellence in early childhood education.  The Bonnie McBeth Early Learning Grant honors her memory and celebrates her love of learning.



2019 Winners

1)   $400 to Patty Thomas for Sign Language Classes

2)   $190 to Ryane Barton for Stuttering Classes

3)   $200 to Sarah Drumm for seminar by A. Searcy

4)   $200 to Meghan McAdams for seminar by A. Searcy

5)   $500 to Colleen Proffit for Autism graduate course

6)   $299 to Karen Trifilio for a one year on-line subscription/Occupational Therapy

7)   $700 to Lisa Koopman for 1/2 fee for early learning bilingual graduate course